#1 Tips to Develop Job Skills & Interview Performance

Research. The most important step of all.

Lateral thinking a key to success.

As an example of lateral thinking in action lets set out a broad based employment advertisement that would attract hundreds of replies.

A receptionist is required for a busy Veterinary practice. Must have a bright personality. Previous experience is not required. Strong word processing skills and a confident telephone manner are essential.

If responding by mail please send you resume/CV to:


Spaniel Place


WA 9020

Or just use the apply tab within the SEEK advertisement and upload your Resume/CV as the prompts come up.

How will you ensure that you will be selected to attend an interview out of the hundreds of applications they are sure to receive?


First, find out the controlling shire or council for the area that Anyvets is located.

Now put let’s put that first piece of research into action.

Call the shire or council and ask how many dogs are registered in the area, ask if this figure has gone up or down compared to the previous year. Note their answer.

The next step is to get a map of the area, normal street directory or Google it.

Using Anyvets   as the centre calculate a circle about five kilometres around it.

Now go to the Yellow Pages or use Google to count all the Veterinary hospitals that fall within the area you have marked out.  We now have two vital pieces of information and all it took was one phone call and a bit of detective work. This information MUST I repeat MUST be used in the opening page of your application. The fact that you have done some research must be carefully and quietly introduced, do not beat them over the head with how clever you have been. Try this approach:

Many thanks for looking at my application. I realise that a vital part of any business is not only gaining new clients, but keeping your current clients satisfied with all of your services. With 10 Veterinary hospitals located within a 5 kilometre radius of your practice, and dog registrations rising only marginally in that catchment area, presentation and promotion of the services offered by you must be of the highest order to stay ahead of the competition. I believe that with my vibrant personality and genuine enthusiasm I will be able to make a valuable contribution to your Veterinary practice. Please refer to my CV which is attached which contains a detailed view of my experience.

See how it works, the employer’s interest is bound to be aroused by the facts that you have presented. The prime function of your opening page, you have gained their attention, they can’t help but be impressed with your knowledge.

Research will always be rewarded. Think outside the box.

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