I’m Barry Newman-Sparks, and at long last I can bring all of my past 35 years of Senior Management experience to a company that I own.

Over the years I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people, read so many resumes that it makes my head spin. When I wrote my book “How to Get That Job” many years ago it was a best seller, in excess of 10,000 copies and recommended by Senior Human Resource Managers. Since then I have lectured at Summer Semester courses in Universities, appeared on TV and radio, sharing my process of job search techniques, and how to interview at your best when you get to that point.

I finally went into recruitment, managing some of the most successful companies in Australia. However I often found that people were not well prepared, or in fact making the best use of their experience and personal attributes. What I found over the years was that despite all the help available, no one was able to bring it together in a meaningful and positive way.

So I set about designing a course that would give the attendees insight into what employers are looking for, what is a good CV, LinkedIn and Seek profile. Research into potential companies, where the jobs are going to be, not purely where they are now. Plus a myriad of additional strategies and techniques.

The end result is ‘‘Front of the Q

Together with my Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Mackay, we will take you on a journey that we are positive will give you more confidence, ideas, strategies and positive outcomes. What we can promise is at the end of our course you will be better prepared for the future in today’s incredibly competitive employment landscape.


Hi, I’m Amanda Mackay and I’m one of those people who genuinely believe that ANYTHING is possible.

I love life and feel honoured by each challenge that it throws at me. When opportunity knocks, I’m not afraid to open the door.

I have travelled a great deal of the world in search of the greater meaning of life and have ascertained that the ultimate meaning of success in my view, is being in a position to positively impact other people’s lives. Here at “Front of the Q” I’m able to assist you to maximise your abilities and personal strengths.

In an earlier role at REM Consulting my role was “Career Magician” here I assisted many candidates to not just secure roles, but assist them to build a comprehensive portfolio of skills, and show them how to use them to their best advantage,

Over the past 2 years I have built and conducted employment search courses which have been presented at Curtin University and Central Institute of Technology.

Front of the Q represents a positive and enjoyable way of gaining skills and moving your career forward.

I look forward to seeing you.