As you look to the future you will need to be better prepared than ever before. This preparation is vital to improve your ability to secure meaningful and enjoyable employment. Here at FOTQ we aim to provide you the tools that give you a knowledge based edge in your search.

Who will be joining you on this adventure? The course is designed for a diverse range of people who are looking to extend their skills in job search and interview techniques. We envisage that you will be committed to learning new skills that you can put to practical use to gain traction in what is an ever increasingly difficult job market.

You will come from all walks of life. You may have been made redundant, voluntary or forced, or been seeking employment for some time. Perhaps you are in the education system preparing to enter the job market. We also cater for those that are employed but looking to enhance their skills to enable them to advance, either within their current roles or in roles they wish to progress into.


Today, more than ever, the hurdles you face are higher than ever. The challenges when looking for opportunities in the current market are more than just having the experience or capability. It’s about being able to communicate your strengths to the potential employer. In addition can you increase your capability, both in the ability to perform the chosen role and the manner in which you present yourself for that role. Here at Front of the Q we will assist you in preparing for current employment openings and also give you the strategies to seek out additional opportunities.

During the course of our program we will show a whole range of techniques and strategies to significantly increase your chances of going to the “Front of the Q” The course is highly interactive and believe it or not “fun“.

We aim to show you how to remain positive, and that you can enjoy life and the work you do. Whether you are a brain surgeon or a waiter, as long as you are the best you can be at that role, and committed to ensuring you are, you will enjoy the ride.