FOTQ aims to provide to a diverse range of attendees a positive and enriching experience to enable them to have increased skills with which to tackle the ever changing and challenging employment landscape.
• The main objective of the course is to raise your ability to compete in a crowded job market.
• To raise the self-esteem of the participants involved in the course.
• To enable you to move towards your full potential.
• To recognise your value
• To become confident.

FOTQ has developed a unique training methodology, the training will be in the main face to face and highly interactive.

We will focus on the keys to finding work. These include but are not limited to:

  • Where to look
  • How to look
  • The importance of research
  • Where are the new jobs that are emerging as the technology and employment landscape changes.
  • Interview techniques
  • Question responses
  • Appearance
  • Culture fit and attitude
  • Quality CV preparation.
  • The use of social media
  • The importance of a good LinkedIn profile
  • The emerging use of SEEK profiles
  • The emerging use of Video interviews, and how to maximise your use of them.

At the end of the day each attendee will be given a role to research, we will base that on their current or latest past role. then ask them to provide a CV that relates to and addresses that role back to us in 5 days. In the case of a new entry to the job market the role to research will be chosen on their preferred employment option.

All attendees will also be given a link to a Video question and answer session with a general and non-specific question set. This will also be completed within 5 days.

7 days after the initial training we will have reviewed the CV submissions and the Video interview. We will provide feedback and further advice to each attendee.


Finding a good job is more than just about the one person, in many cases it is key to have the support of family and friends. Our aim is to give you the tools to build a better life for all who are associated with your journey.