How To Get That Job – New Edition with COVID19 Chapter!


This eBook has been written with School leavers, and the parents associated with them. It meets both your requirements.  It contains both leadership, the reasons that you will get that job, and far more detailed discussions regarding current information for the more advanced reader. All in the Book. My reason for writing this as an eBook, was that in my general daily lessons, this book, (which was a real book), was the favourite item to be discussed. It contained all of the information contained in the course. This could be discussed, dissected and debated. With this in mind, I set about getting an eBook to the market. When you buy this book, then it will also be a big plus for you. It works.

It can be downloaded and reviewed over a period of time. At the bargain price of just $1.50, it represents your very best buy. It contains 140 pages of advice and help. My 30 years as State Manager, and the past 10 years as CEO of 2 of the best Recruitment companies. Check out my LinkedIn page.   

With updates over the life of the book, 1993, 2000, 2009 and 2018, 2020. There are no blank pages for you to fill in, it contains REAL information.  There are 18 Chapters, ranging from where to look, and there a number of places to go to. Amazingly, newspapers are still a prime source, see how this works for you. There are still many others, Seek, LinkedIn, and of course the standard company web sites, plus many others.

Along with Research, there are Chapters on Curriculum Vitae (CV) building. This alone is worth heaps. Type in CV in the lead line of Seek, see how many hits you get, there are hundreds, thousands, the list goes on and on. How do you select which one to use? The average price will be between $150 and up to $450. And this will give you just one CV! My book tells you how to build a CV in just one of my 18 Chapters.  

Separate Chapters exist for Training, making an impression, the application, and attending the actual face to face interview.

The chapter on COVID-19 is really about how Recruitment Companies will go about changing the way in which they recruit in the future. They will start to seek you out over the Internet, this will mean you will have to build a strong future in the use of your PC/Laptop. They will just send you an invitation to attend. And then make a decision from that. So, you can see that a positive method will certainly make a difference. Make sure that you practice, and then practice it again. This book will show you how to do that.

The list is comprehensive. Buying this book will be the best thing you do this year.    




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