Judith McLernon IT Lecturer at Central Institute of Technology I have been working with Amanda for the last 6 months on a community based student project that will not only enrich the student’s skills and abilities, but assist them to develop confidence in themselves and their work. The students have created a new Corporate website that is accessible and findable, consistent with the WCAG2.0 requirements. At the end of this process, the students will not only be able to demonstrate their skills at interview via a live site, but have further opportunities to earn income from other NFPs that require accessibility updates. Amanda is a diligent, competent and charismatic colleague that brings energy, enthusiasm and a passion to the industry. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so committed to giving back to the community.

Helen Cripps Guest Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Amanda is an excellent public speaker. She spoke to my graduating students about job applications, the recruitment process and how to be a resilient professional. The students were captivated as she weaved her professional and personal insight together to inform and inspire. A number of students commented on how much they got out of her talk. I look forward to her return next semester.

Argia Biddle VET Business Teacher at St Brigid’s College, Lesmurdie, Perth WA I have had the absolute pleasure, privilege and good fortune to have Amanda Mackay be the St Brigid’s College yr. 11 Business group Mentor for the Just Start IT program in 2015. In my 30 year career as a secondary school Business Education teacher, I have come across very few individuals who exude a passion, dedication and absolute commitment to an enterprise as I have seen in Amanda. Amanda’s enthusiasm towards the students, her belief in the program and her determination to get the girls to achieve to the very best of their potential is inspiring to be a part of. The highlight of my student’s week is the Tuesday morning class, when Amanda comes in and takes the session. Amanda’s honest, authentic, direct and open approach, enthuses the students to strive to succeed in the activities she sets for them. Her caring and dedicated nature can be evidenced by her sending through many emails for me to pass onto the girls because she has discovered “something that may help them” with the activity. Emails are sent on weekends, during her business trips, while she is on holidays etc and they are sent because Amanda had an idea suddenly “pop into her head” or she saw something that made her think of them. Amanda is a creative, resourceful, innovative person and this is evidenced by the many supplementary activities, exercises, resource materials that she brings with her to help the students gain more of an understanding of the content and concepts that are introduced or revised in each of the Tuesday sessions she attends. Even on the rare occasion that she has been unable to attend a session because of her normal work commitments, Amanda has sent through activities and resources that she thought may aid me in the delivery of the content for that lesson. Amanda also leads by example and is willing to help others to achieve what she expects from herself. She always goes “above and beyond” to ensure that projects are completed, deadlines are met and that the very best possible product is produced given the constraints that are dealt. Amanda is a natural teacher, trainer, instructor, coach, educator, and mentor. She has a gift and a desire to make sure that all who are associated with the project she is involved in develop the skills, talents and abilities necessary to have that project be a success. Amanda encourages critical thinking and often asks the students to think “outside the box” in order for them to come up with the best possible solution for the problem set. My students and I are very fortunate to be mentored by Amanda Mackay and I look forward to have a long and continuing association with her in the future as she is an exceptional mentor.

Lucas Angelon Arouca Central Institute of Technology I first met Amanda when she came to Central Institute of Technology to provide a workshop covering resumes, cover letters and the overall interview process that takes place when going for a job opportunity. The whole idea was amazing, she came to help us in an area where most students have difficulty with when writing a resume or when going for the actual interview. We were guided through the whole process from the creation of a resume to a one-on-one interview with Amanda, it was amazing. Amanda is very charismatic and professional, she is able to inspire people with her personality and passion for the industry. The entire process was excellent and has shown me Amanda’s plenitude of outstanding skills.

Uchit Luktuke Contract Technical Writer at Karara Mining Ltd Amanda has a refreshingly different approach on managing candidate expectations and tapping potential recruits to bring out their best. She has gone to great lengths to help me re-design my CV to suit the current employer oriented market conditions. It has resulted in recurrent contracts for me in the recent past. Amanda is aware that employment agents need employers and employees alike to be in business and therefore does not summarily discard applicant expectations and CVs at first sight like most of her competitors. I have high regard for Amanda’s cultural sensitivity during the interview process. I most respectfully recommend Amanda to other candidates

Some of the testimonials for Barry’s book “How to get that Job

Mark Armitage. At the time of the initial publication. State Human Resources Manager. Coles WA.

“How to get that Job” is a straight forward, practical, easy to understand, well written book it offers the reader comprehensive advice which, when followed can give the edge to the job seeker in the extremely competitive employment market. A must for people looking for work or wishing to improve on their current position.

Andrew White. At the time of the initial publication. Manager Employee Relations, General Motors Holden SA.

Candidates must present themselves in the very best light if they are to secure the job they want. This book is one which provides people with a great opportunity to ensure they ‘get their foot in the door’, and to present themselves to best advantage. A wonderful practical publication of benefit to both new job seekers and those with more experience.

Joanne Barnett

Executive Director Edith Cowan University, West Australia Enterprise Workshop

Barry thank you for assisting the teams in developing their projects. The group commented on the constructive manner in which your feedback was delivered and are quite keen to follow up your suggestions. They are now in a position to explore your comments further for their next trial judging.

Jon Lim

Creating IoT and Data Centre Foundation Infrastructure

I’ve worked with Barry in many different places. I learnt much of the skill set I have now from Barry. He’s affable, forward thinking and very creative. He’ll find a way around any problem with an appropriate solution. As a boss, he’s very engaging and he looks after his staff. I have not known Barry to run ANY business that has not year on year achieved growth. His vision and ability to motivate staff is equal to none. I’d work with Barry as an employee or as a business partner any time.

Matthew Bruce

Field Sales Manager at Citrix

This is a personal recommendation for Barry. I have known Barry for most of my working career so it must be 10+ years. I have always considered Barry to be a mentor to me in the early stages of my career. His insight into how to work with customers was invaluable. Barry has entrepreneurial insight that stands out. He can always grasp the big picture and understand what is needed to get there. It is a pleasure to know and have worked with Barry.

Colin Scott

Senior Service Delivery Manager

I have known Barry over a period of approximately 20 years and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and articulate professionals I’ve had the privilege of working with. With his good humoured but professional approach to all things, Barry will deliver solutions for any circumstance.